Paw Plunger – For Tidy Puppy Feet



There are a lot of dog lovers out there, me included. Let’s face it there’s a lot to love, but the truth be told, there are some aspects of canine companionship that leave me a little less enthused. Take muddy paws on clean hardwood floors for instance, what a pain! Worth it? Of course, but there has to be a way to handle it, that doesn’t involve silly rubber booties.

Well, now we have the Paw Plunger. Designed for folks just like me, who love the dog, and hate the mess, Paw Plunger is a simple and convenient way to get your pooches peds clean, quickly and easily, before he hops back in your car, or comes running into your house. The Paw Plunger is easy to use, the reusable container just needs to be filled, and when capped, its good to go anywhere your buddy might find himself dirty or muddy.

The Paw Plunger works like you would imagine, with soft bristles attached to the interior of the cup, you simply need to dip Rover’s little paws inside once or twice and then towel them off… no dirt, no salt, no problems. Don’t forget, it’s not just your squeaky clean floors and furniture that need protecting, Fido’s feet are none to happy about ice melting salt, or other caustic chemicals being left on his sensitive pads.

So if the Paw Plunger might make you, and your pet happy, you can have one for only around 25 bucks, at Paw plunger does comes in different sizes, so be sure to select the one thats the right fit for your pooch.

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