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Runner’s Speaker Vest makes sure you can hear traffic from behind as well


Do you do a whole lot of running when it comes to making sure that your health is in tip top condition? If that is the case, then you would do well to know that sometimes, running with your favorite music playing in the background can be a catalyst to help you break your previous record or achievement. Most of us would just wear a pair of headphones so that we can get the clearest sound quality possible. Of course, there are drawbacks to this – where you might be unable to hear any kind of traffic that sneaks up on you. Using just one side of the headphone looks weird too, so why not arrive at a compromise with the $69.95 Runner’s Speaker Vest?

The Runner’s Speaker Vest comes across as a high-visibility vest that has built-in speakers, letting both runners and walkers to listen to music as they remain aware of their surroundings. It will be totally different from earbuds since earbuds will drown out noises from potential hazards. This vest’s speakers , however, project sound right below your ears, allowing you to hear what is going on around you. The vest itself is made of durable lightweight nylon mesh which would enable one’s body heat to escape to prevent overheating, while safety is enforced with reflective fluorescent strips on the front and back so that pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers are alerted to your presence.

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