LG announces Smart HOM-BOT SQUARE vacuum cleaner

lghombotThe folks over at LG have just announced that they will be offering a new kind of vacuum cleaner to the masses, and what better way to celebrate such an entry into the world of consumer electronics than to do so at CES 2014? We are talking about the LG Smart HOM-BOT SQUARE which will offer a significant boost in cleaning performance, thanks to it being equipped with LG’s innovative smart technologies that will include Smart Control, Cleaning History, Smart Diagnosis and Software Update. Basically, this slew of technologies would enable owners to remotely control the device using their smartphones.

The Smart HOM-BOT SQUARE is unique thanks to its ability to clean the hard-to-reach places in your home. Basically, it moves in the same direction as LG’s ultimate goal, which is to improve people’s lives. Thanks to Corner Master, LG’s Smart HOM-BOT SQUARE will be able to clean effectively and efficiently. Corner Master is made up of a couple of long brushes, where there will be corner detecting sensors that will work alongside the cleaner’s unique shape. Thanks to its angular form and redesigned brushes which happen to be 1.5cm longer than on its predecessor, the Smart HOM-BOT SQUARE will be able to remove dust and dirt from tight corners. This allows the vacuum cleaner to know of its exact location in the home, where it will then direct it to turn whenever it has reached the edge of a room.

A couple of improved Dual Eye 2.0 cameras will see action on the HOM-BOT SQUARE, allowing it to be smarter, faster and more efficient when it comes to its cleaning performance. Capable of snapping several images each second, the upper and lower cameras will check out ceilings, walls and floors, never mind in low light conditions. Such information will then be analyzed by the Smart HOM-BOT SQUARE so that a smart map is generated. There is also a large capacity Easy-out Dust Bin that makes cleaning a whole lot more convenient since it requires less frequent emptying.

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