Hazy Clock doesn’t want you to fret over the exact time

Hazy Clock
Everything we do in life feels like a well-timed dance. Work, errands, socializing, and more are planned and executed down to an exact minute, with little room for error. If we do mess up the flow we’ll start to fall behind. The ticking of a clock can be calming as much as it can strike fear into your heart.

If you find your eyes looking to find the exact minute for what time it is, even when you know you don’t need to worry about going on to a new task for some time, then the Hazy Clock might help you relax a little. This is a designer piece by Ivan Kasner who was inspired by blurred images. Not being able to quite make out the time will hopefully encourage being a bit more relaxed about checking obsessively.

The only problem with that is our phones, wrist watches, and computers have it plastered everywhere. It’s a fancy clock with a neat concept, but leans a bit on the expensive side at $199. If you just wanted to blur your clock face you can take some sandpaper to its glass or plastic covering. However, the lack of line and almost mythical look of this clock would certainly be a great addition to any office or home space if you’ve got the money for it.

Available for purchase on leibal, found via bookofjoe