Briefcase Fitness Center lets you work out wherever you are

briefcase-centerI am quite sure that many of us have fond memories of the Iron Man movies, now that all three movies have already been released over the years, with more to come, I am sure. After all, there is nothing quite like the presence of Tony Stark to light up the silver screen, even more when he dons on the Iron Man costume. Who could forget Tony when he put on the briefcase armor? Well, you might not be as rich and intelligent as the fictional Tony Stark, but you too, can have a unique briefcase toy of your own – the $299.95 Briefcase Fitness Center.

The Briefcase Fitness Center comes across as a portable gym which will be able to offer a rigorous, full-body workout which will be able to fold into the size of a briefcase. It is an Hammacher Schlemmer exclusive, where this compact gym is tiny enough to be able to fit into an airplane’s overhead bin, or simply to stash it under a bed. Apart from that, it also holds everything required for intense aerobic, strength, and circuit training regardless of where you are. Fret no longer that you are unable to work out on your travels, or that the hotel which you are staying in lacks a gym – the Briefcase Fitness Center will get the job done, and more. A quartet of DVDs have also been thrown into the mix to illustrate different exercises to get you started right out of, briefcase.