Video Surveillance Clock acts as a modern day palantir

video-surveillance-clockI am quite sure that NSA agents are all too familiar with the habit of spying on others, which is why they would not give two hoots about something like the Video Surveillance Clock. For ordinary folks like you and I, sitting right there in the comfort of our homes, knowing that the clock on the desk or inside the cabinet comes with a hidden camera feature can be comforting. After all, it lets you check out just what is going on at home whenever you are not around, and whether that maid of yours is canoodling up with your neighbor or not.

The asking price of $149.95 is not too much either, considering how this particular analog clock comes with a built-in, motion-activated video surveillance camera which is capable of recording not only video but audio as well, making it the ideal tool to inconspicuously monitor a room or office. The video quality will not be in Full HD resolution, but it still does a pretty decent job thanks to its image sensor being able to capture 720 x 480 resolution video in a 62ยบ angle from nine feet away, with the sensitive microphone being able to pick up sound from 16′ away. Still photos can also be shot at 1,280 x 960 resolution. Each purchase comes with a 4GB microSD memory card that is good for up to 6 hours of video, and its battery delivers a 1.5 hour video recording session.