Soundfreaq Sound Rise bedroom speaker juices up your USB devices, too


soundriseHow many of us use our smartphones as the regular alarm clock? I am quite sure that the answer would be the majority, which means the regular alarm clock as we know it – you know, with a hammer that hits the bell many times a single second to create that signature ring, is no longer as popular as it once was. Well, modern day technology has arrived to give the good ol’ alarm clock a technological upgrade, so to speak, so here we are with the Sound Rise bedroom speaker from the folks over at Soundfreaq.

The $69 Soundfreaq Sound Rise is no ordinary bedroom speaker. First of all, it comes in a shade of black, which makes it more or less suitable to fit into just about any bedroom decorative theme without standing out like a sore thumb. Apart from that, it is also extremely small with a tiny footprint, measuring 5.2” wide, 5.6” high and 3.3” deep. That ought to allow you to place it just about anywhere in the room without having it take up too much space. Built to complement your modern lifestyle, it will let you enjoy your favorite new song while getting ready to go out to meet your friends, or how about streaming a movie from your tablet as you lay in your comfortable bed?

The Sound Rise boasts of a custom designed monophonic driver which delivers up to 3.5W of optimized power for maximum distortion-free volume. There is also Tone Control that helps you select preferred equalization presets: flat, warm or bright, while it will connect to Bluetooth-capable devices thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Just in case you still have one of the older devices out there that do not come with Bluetooth connectivity, and yet want to hook it up to the Soundfreaq Sound Rise, the line in 3.5mm input is there to save the day. You and your mate need to wake up at different times? No problem, the Sound Rise has a dual alarm with day setting control as well as a backup battery, so that you need not worry about missing out on your wake up call. It also comes with a USB port that lets you juice up your smartphone while you sleep, now how about that?

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