The Desktop Photograph to Digital Picture Converter will make old memories into new ones


Desktop Photograph to Digital photo scanner
We can’t remember every single thing we’ve ever seen or keep track of all of our memories. This is one of the many reasons we seem obsessed with taking photos or videos of people, places, meals, and more. As the years press on, the format for storing photos or videos is going to change, just as it has in the past. If you came from a time where having to develop strips of film was normal, then you likely want a way to make those memories more accessible.

Should you have a fair amount of this film lying around, and don’t want to pay someone else to do the work for you, the Desktop Photograph to Digital Picture Converter would be of use. It can scan pictures that you’ve gotten printed or strips of film. By pressing a button, your memories will be turned into  a JPEG on an SD card. Of course, you’ll have to purchase that aspect separately, but make sure it’s no larger than 32GB.

The converter uses a 14MP CMOS sensor, which means it can nab the images at around 3,200dpi. It will work on Mac, Win7,Vista, or XP, and includes a slide tray, film tray, and guides for aligning photos or business cards. There’s an RCA cable that will allow you to put your images on a TV, and it will cost you around $200 (or more if you don’t have an SD card). It will take a fair amount of time in addition to money, so you’ll want to weigh those out against the cost of having someone else doing it.

Available for purchase on Hammacher

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