BioLite Base Camp – Turns Wood into Electricity!



Okay, So I’m not the biggest camping fan, but I sure know of plenty of folks that love a little back-to-nature action, but I’m not sure that’s what this next gadget is all about. Sure, it would be awesome to have one on your next overnight trip off the grid, but it would be even more amazing should you find yourself without power, or stranded in an area without modern conveniences, heck… it could even save a life.

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The M3 E-Scooter will make going to work a nostalgic affair

M3 E-Scooter

We’re all looking for easier ways to get from point A to B that are cost and time efficient. The distance between work or school and what your schedule is determines what will to be the best option for you, and there are a lot of options. You can choose a car, motorcycle, bicycle, skateboard, scooter, and a variety of other options or hybrids.

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LG delivers their latest flagship, the LG G3

lg-g3When it comes to smartphones, it goes without saying that having a range of models is important in the eyes of the masses, where you cater not only to the entry level, but to the mid-range as well as high end side of things. The high end aspect is always deemed to be the most competitive one in terms of hardware features and specifications, and in a field that is dominated by heavyweights such as the Samsung Galaxy S5, the upcoming iPhone, the HTC One (M8) and its ilk. Well, this time around we have the successor to the LG G2, which would be the LG G3.

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Segway SE-3 Patroller targets the police force

segway-se3-patrollerJust in case you have yet to hear of the company named Segway before, do bear in mind that they happen to be the world’s leading provider of electric personal transportation, and we have seen this particular “ride” appear across many different places, ranging from malls to zoos and other public areas to help people get around from one place to another with ease, especially those who happen to suffer from physical infirmities. Well, this time around, Segway has something that targets the public safety market, having launched the SE-3 Patroller that will feature three wheels and carry a rather hefty base price of $11,999.

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Allview X2 Soul is slimmest smartphone in Europe

allview-x2-soulSo, you happen to be the only one remaining in your family who has yet to make the jump over to the smartphone universe? Well, considering the myriad of choices that are available to the masses at this point in time, we do not blame you. There are way too many hardware manufacturers out there with a slew of devices, that you would be spoilt for choice. Samsung has their waterproof line in their latest flagship with the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S5 Active, while the upcoming LG G3 is a charmer in all aspects. Nokia is flying the Windows Phone flag really high with their advancements in camera technology, while HTC is starting to gain consumer trust again with their HTC One M8. Folks in Europe, if none of the above fit the bill because you are in the market for the slimmest smartphone in Europe, then you would not be able to go wrong with the Allview X2 Soul.

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Cellcontrol – Backseat Driving from Home


It happened again, another distracted driver killed himself, and the passengers in his car, because he was texting while driving. I’ve often thought that if I only glance at a text quickly, I would be fine. I got away with it a few times, but that doesn’t mean nothing bad will ever happen. It’s amazing how those little beeps that alert you to your messages call out to you when you’re behind the wheel… It’s NEVER that important. I don’t EVER want my daughter to think it’s okay…

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