The Keybrid will make your keys a little less jingly

There comes a time in everyone’s lives where you feel like you are the key master. There are keys for old apartments, your parents house, pad locks, car keys, and much, much more. While we don’t want to be without a key we need, they can get to be a bit on the loud side in your bag or pocket. Likely because it’s a piece of metal dangling on a ring next to a bunch of other pieces of metal.

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Nokia does the Android dance with the Nokia X, X+ and XL

lumia-xWhen one talks about Nokia smartphones, we would more or less figure out that these would run on the Windows Phone platform, as Nokia has been associated with Microsoft’s mobile operating system for a fair number of years already. Well, it seems that things might have taken a different turn this time around, with word that Nokia has decided to use Mobile World Congress 2014 to unveil a trio of new smartphones, namely the Nokia X, X+ and XL. These will be priced between the existing Asha and Lumia lines, which will retail for €89, €99 and €109, respectively, where they ought to offer a fair bit of appeal to new smartphone users who are on the lookout for popular apps as well as their first cloud services.

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Tethercell – Take “Charge” of your Batteries


Oh how the world loves a battery… there aren’t too many toys or gadgets these days that don’t run thru a goodly supply of AA’s. That being said, I certainly wish I had a little more control over how these batteries were used, like how long my kid could play with her toys, or how long a lantern could be left on, or just to make sure things were turned off all the way in order to avoid wasting precious battery life . Yup. Battery control, that could be cool…

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Pour Mason will let you make coffee in a canning jar

Pour Mason
We all love our coffee. When we don’t get it, we can be a bit on the grumpy side of things. While there are those who don’t mind using any old coffee pot, others like to find new and inventive ways to brew their lifeblood. It can be brewed cold, hot, on the stove, over a fire, and however it is made, there always seems to be just the slightest variance in taste.

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Polk Audio 4 Shot Headset set to arrive this March 6

polk-4-shotWhen it comes to gaming, here are two groups of people – the first would be the casual gamer who does not mind not going without his or her daily fix of Flappy Bird or Candy Crush, while the hardcore gamer would be one who ensures that every single secret is uncovered across all levels, and in record time, too. Well, audio in games have played a very huge role over the years to complement the improved visuals, so much so it is now an indispensable part of the game. Polk knows this, and with four decades of sound, engineering and design expertise, the company has announced its latest 4 Shot Headset for Xbox One. The 4 Shot Headset is set to hit the market to accompany the latest generation Xbox One console this coming March 6th.

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URB-E makes commuting seem like fun!

When we were younger, going out to play was anything from playing make believe to riding your bike for hours with no particular destination. Now the main reasons we’ll trek outside is because we’re headed to work, or are doing some regimen of exercise. The least exciting of those is the former, as your destination is not particularly fun, and the trip there is not that exciting.

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Panasonic Platinum Power batteries introduced

panasonic-platinum-cellsWhen it comes to the numerous remote controls as well as children’s toys around the home, many of them tend to rely on the classic AA and AAA batteries. In fact, what were some of your favorite toys that ran on AA batteries? Mine was the Nintendo Game Boy, where its monochrome glory certainly helped me go through mountains of AA batteries over the years. It was a huge relief then, to see Nintendo slim down the Game Boy in addition to lowering the number of batteries required for it to run by half. Having said that, here we are today with Panasonic announcing the introduction of their AA and AAA Platinum Power batteries.

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