Spoiler Alert Freeze Cube will tell you when it’s time to toss frozen food


Spoiler Alert FreezCube
Food seems to go bad so quickly, but more often than not, it’s just something we’re not paying attention to. It’s risky business though, as you don’t want to eat something that could make you sick. This is the case for not only the refrigerator, but the freezer as well. Refreezing something does not solve the problem (you’d think that would be common knowledge, but others have proven me wrong).

If you’re not sure how long something is good in the freezer, then the Spoiler Alert FreezCube can give you some pointers. It takes on a shape similar to an hourglass, but it only shows you how long you have left before your previously cold food needs to be thrown out. The contents are food based, and they only stay frozen at the optimal temperature.

There are four compartments, consisting of blue, green, yellow, and red liquids. If the blue melts, or even begins to melt, you have around 14 days for your food to still be edible. If the green becomes a liquid once more, then you have 3 days. Should yellow melt, you’ll have one day, and if red goes, then everything needs to be trashed immediately. Since all of the liquids are food-based, there’s nothing to panic over if it breaks, and you can reuse it by freezing it again. This will cost you around $20, which seems like it would be worth it as you can reuse it indefinitely.

Available for purchase on Amazon, found via TheAwesomer

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