Pet-Remote lets you communicate with your dog via an app

pet-remoteDo you sometimes wonder whether your pooch actually understands all that you want to say to it? I know, some dog owners swear that they have a telepathic link with their four legged friends, while others claim that their dog is oblivious to all that is going on around them. Here is a new and easy way to communicate with your dog – thanks to the new Pet-Remote. The Pet-Remote happens to be a tiny vibrating device which will be able to play nice in tandem with a free iPhone App. All you need to do is to push a single button, and the Pet-Remote will be able to vibrate or play an acoustic signal, which your dog should then follow the Pavlovian principle and do what it is supposed to!

Of course, owning the Pet-Remote without a dog is pretty much useless, although we would not recommend hooking it up to a cat or other kinds of animals. Basically, once you have downloaded the free Pet-Remote iPhone app, do remember to attach the device itself to your dog’s collar. This is the first step when it comes to training your dog, and it could not get any simpler.

Once the Pet-Remote App is launched on your smartphone, you can then go ahead and push one of the command buttons. The tiny device on your dog’s collar will then vibrate and/or play an acoustic signal, depending on which particular setting it has been assigned to. This would allow your pooch to feel or hear the signal, followed by a relevant and corresponding reaction. In the first place, however, you would need to teach your dog just what you expect him to do when he receives a signal. It does seem as though the Pet-Remote is a high class clicker, but I guess this is one Indiegogo project that would be worth checking out. The Pet-Remote device itself tips the scales at a mere 10 grams, and it has a battery that can last it an entire year, now how about that for energy efficiency?

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