Five Person Exploration Submarine lets you shoot your own underwater movies

five-person-submersibleI suppose if you have a cool $2,700,000 to splurge on the Five Person Exploration Submarine, it would not be too much to ask to pick up a specialized, waterproof camera that can shoot the depths of the ocean. Then again, if you happen to own this particular Five Person Exploration Submarine, you can bring another four people along with you to check out what the underwater world has to offer, all without getting wet in the process, not to mention having to done an uncomfortable wet suit along the way. Sip on champagne and munch on cheese while you see the creatures of the deep swimming, oblivious to your presence.

This five-person submersible has the ability to descend to a depth of 656 feet, allowing it to access reefs, wrecks, and rare underwater species. All of the explorers within will remain safe inside a climate-controlled 3.25″ thick acrylic pressure sphere which makes it possible to carry out conversations without batting an eyelid, which is a whole lot different from scuba diving. Do not worry about safety, since this particular craft will be able to meet all the safety guidelines of the International Maritime Organization, and it has been classified by Germanischer Lloyd with a couple of independent life support systems which offer data on depth, internal pressure, temperature, battery status, thruster status and trim tanks status. This is one of the very definition of a “big boy’s toy”.