The Snow2 will help you slowly become a cyborg


Snow2 HUD

When you’re taking a trip to a new location, you more often than not rely on some sort of GPS device to guide you there. The best way to do this is with a HUD so you won’t be terribly distracted from the road. Those who enjoy winter sports have the same sort of technology, but for different reasons.

The Snow2 is an excellent example, as it will show you information about your performance, connect you to 3rd party cameras, heart rate sensors, and can also pair with your smartphone to let you know when you have an incoming call. It has a dual core CPU, Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, and an onboard gyroscope, accelerometer, altimeter, and thermometer. If your friends also have this, it wouldn’t be hard to find out where they are on the slopes.

For those of your concerned about this being terribly close to your face, you need not worry. Utilizing mirror and prism technology, this will make all of your information appear about 5ft away. There are key information screens that will be at the top of your field of vision, all of which you can control through a Bluetooth remote that is low energy. It’s in a waterproof casing, and has oversized buttons that are almost necessary as you’ll likely be wearing gloves when using it. Purchasing this system for your goggles will cost you around $400, and an SDK is available.

Available for purchase on reconinstruments, found via ohgizmo

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