Hands-Free Bluetooth Beanie will let you have your own rockin’ holiday party


Hands-Free Bluetooth Beanie
There are times where we need to find a quiet place to sit and think. Amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, that is often quite hard to find. As is the case for most of us, you can’t outdo the noise, so you listen to some of your own. Music is a ‘happy place’ that our minds can experience whenever we want. However, when it’s cold out, you more than likely want to wear a hat and coat which will make accessing your music player and headphones rather annoying.

Instead of fighting to pull your cord out of your jacket and readjusting your ear buds, why not go for something like the Hands-Free Bluetooth Beanie? It can act as your music player, as well as a way for your to take calls without having to grab at your phone. This will sync up easily with any music device that is Bluetooth-enabled, and will let you talk for 6 hours straight on a single charge.

You can recharge this through a USB cable, and it has a 10 meter range, for those of you that secretly want to listen to tunes while working. It has standby time of 60 hours, but that will likely diminish depending on how many calls you take or songs you listen to. It’s a one-size-fits-all, but that honestly doesn’t mean much. If it starts to get a bit rank, you can put it in the wash (after taking out the electronic bits of course). You’ll be looking at around $60 for this, and if nothing else, it will keep your head warm.

Available for purchase via Firebox

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