Cardboard Rocket is combustible but fun for sure


cardboard-rocketA child is one who has plenty of imagination, so much so that when you hand him or her a normal cardboard box, they will be able to turn it into a spaceship, a time machine, a race car, the list goes on and on. Having said that, how about a specially manufactured piece of cardboard that will literally add some color and light to your child’s life? We are talking about the £39.99 Cardboard Rocket, where it is a snap to assemble, not to mention ready to be painted as well as decorated. Oh yeah, and the trees of the hills will undoubtedly be relaxed, since the Cardboard Rocket itself is made out of environmentally friendly cardboard.

The Cardboard Rocket will be avaialble in white (all the easier for you to paint it with afterwards), and comes in a sturdy corrugated cardboard outer for storage when not in use. Following in the footsteps of furniture giant IKEA when it comes to its packaging, the Cardboard Rocket would be flat-packed, measuring around 113cm x 105cm x 5.5cm. Once it has been fully assembled and constructed, it will measure around 90cm x 162cm x 90cm. Needless to say, at such dimensions, adults are strictly prohibited from joining in the adventures of your child’s imagination.

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