Wicked Audio Splitter is ready to rock and roll


wicked-splitterWicked Audio, the folks who are behind stylish, high-quality headphones and earphones, has just made an announcement concerning their latest Wicked Audio Splitter. This Wicked Audio Splitter will merge Wicked Audio’s iconic design alongside the wonders of awesome sound, making sure that an optimized two-person listening experience can be enjoyed whenever your favorite artist’s album is being played at the moment. The Wicked Audio Splitter will feature a portable dual jack system, which means a second person is able to plug into the same source using any pair of compatible headphones or earphones, and even better is, the individual is able to adjust their personal volume level without affecting the other – now this is neat, don’t you think so?

It almost makes us think as though it runs on magic alone, but this is definitely not the case since nothing but good old technology is at work here. Not only that, the asking price of $9.99 for the Wicked Audio Splitter will certainly raise eyebrows, since this kind of capability at the cost of a fraction of a meal at a restaurant certainly sounds way too good to be true. Not only that, whenever someone pairs up the Splitter with any Wicked Audio headphone or earphone, users will be able to enjoy noise-isolation features, enhanced bass and a wide range sound.

To make sure that you will be able to enjoy a flexible listening experience, the Wicked Audio Splitter will arrive a four foot long cord and three sizes of ear buds, so that the two of you do not need to huddle together as though you were Siamese twins. This ought to provide a literal amount of breathing room, not to mention some more space for you two to enjoy a headbanging experience. It certainly does seem to be a bargain, and since it is so small, packing it in with your luggage should not be an issue while you’re on your travels.

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