Mushkin Atom 3.0 USB flash drive introduced


mushkin-atomI am quite sure that by now, many of us have already amassed quite a collection of USB flash drives over the months and years that have gone by. Hardly any conference or road show is devoid of a USB flash drive which more often than not contains the press release of a particular company, or a portfolio of new products. Having said that, it can be pretty difficult trying to keep track of just where exactly have you placed that particular file over in the myriad of USB flash drives that you have in your collection, and instead get a personal USB flash drive for yourself so that you can keep personal things private and secure. Just in case you are in the market scouting for a new USB flash drive, have you considered checking out the Mushkin Atom 3.0?

The Mushkin Atom 3.0 USB flash drive will place plenty of emphasis on convenience, where it comes in an extremely small form factor which is slightly less than the size of your average quarter. All of this without having to sacrifice on performance, since the Mushkin Atom 3.0 will still be able to boast of USB 3.0 extreme performance even when exercising low power consumption. Apart from that, you do not have to worry about legacy systems, since the Atom USB 3.0 flash drive will still play nice with USB 2.0 and 1.1 ports.

As for the 8GB model, it will feature 80MB/s read, 5.5MB/s write, and consumes 0.65W while idle, or 0.905W at load. There is also a 16GB flash drive model that boasts of 155MB/s read and 11.5MB/s write on 0.25W idle and 0.67W load. As for the 32GB model, it reads at 155MB/s with 21.5MB/s write, and low power consumption of 0.2475W when idle and 0.75W under load. Since it is so small, you can always opt to leave the Atom USB 3.0 flash drive in the USB port while working on-the-go without having to suffer from any obstruction. Notebook and Ultrabook owners, especially, would be able to appreciate its tiny design and performance.

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