Smartphone Light And Appliance Controller makes life easier at home


smartphone-light-applianceJust what do you use your smartphone for exactly? Other than functioning as your primary communications device, checking up on your social network status as well as purchasing movie tickets on the go, some of us also use it as the regular alarm clock to wake us up at the break of dawn in order to meet a brand new day. Well, perhaps life for your smartphone could be a whole lot more than that – as with the $199.95 Smartphone Light and Appliance Controller. This particular system would allow you to be able to remotely control both lights as well as appliances even when you are not physically present at home, through the use of smartphone that is hooked up to the Internet.

This particular system will include a plug-in dimmer for a lamp, a wall dimmer for a ceiling fixture, a plug-in on/off switch for a single appliance such as a TV or stereo, and a base station that communicates with each through a home’s existing wireless network. “Smartphone” here, of course, refers to both Android as well as iOS platforms, so Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry OS owners will have to sit this one out. After downloading the app to your device, you will be able to gain access to the base station so that you can adjust each device’s brightness and timer settings, making it the ideal way to fool the outside world into thinking that there is someone at home even where there isn’t anyone.

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