The Optimus Popularis is a keyboard for every occasion


There are a few standard pieces of hardware we use for our computers. They come in various shapes and sizes with different features, but we all have a mouse, monitor, and keyboard. While some have more buttons than others, you don’t normally find any that are so over the top that they have a price tag in the thousands.

The Optimus Popularis is looking to change the status quo, by draining your bank account. This keyboard has 77 programmable keys that are all a half-inch square displays. Why on Earth would this come into existence you ask? Well, obviously there’s a market for it. It seems their target audience is ‘application power users’, and those who often write in a multitude of different languages on a daily basis. You can switch between layouts with ease, which means changing from task to task will be a breeze. There is a 7” LCD display that will show you whatever information you’d like such as weather, stock tickers, and server alerts.

The resolution is 72x72p, and the minimum frame rate is 10 fps. It’s made of aluminum and plastic, and weighs close to 7 pounds. It will work on Windows XP or Mac 10.8 or higher through USB. This will cost you…get ready for it…$2,400. Needless to say, even their target audience likely isn’t going to blow this much money unless it perfectly fits their daily life needs.

Available for purchase on ThinkGeek

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