The Neptine Pine is an all-in-one smartwatch


Neptune Pine
When you hear ‘smartwatch’ what immediately comes to mind is a Bluetooth accessory for your phone. It will alert you when you are receiving an incoming message or call, and can track your activity. That’s great and all, but it’s one more thing to charge, and isn’t really adding anything to your gadget arsenal that your phone couldn’t handle on its own.

The Neptune Pine is hoping to change all of that. While it’s still worn like a wrist watch, it’s capable of far more than being a middleman between you and your smartphone. Of course, you can just tether it to your smartphone for regular smartwatch capabilities, but putting a micro-SIM card in it will allow you to answer calls and texts just as you would on your mobile. This means you don’t have to fiddle with getting your phone out of your pocket, as you can just wear it on your wrist.

This can also track your daily activity such as steps, pace, speed, time, laps, and location thanks to its built-in GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer, pedometer, and digital compass. This runs on Android Jelly Bean, and you’ll be able to see most if not all of your favorite apps on a 2.4” capacitive touch screen. If you’re concerned about having sausage fingers and not being able to type, don’t forget that there will be voice controls thanks to the Android OS. There are front and rear-facing cameras that can take crisp videos or photos, and both are capable of flash. You’re looking at paying out $250, but it’s looking like it could be your replacement for your phone. One step closer to having a Pip-Boy 3000!

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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