RC Inflatable R2-D2 is far lighter than the real thing

inflatable-r2d2R2-D2, the most famous astromech droid in the world of Star Wars, has more or less saved the Rebel Alliance one time too many, and is a beloved character for many. This hunk of metal is far more intelligent than the verbose C3-PO, and we are quite sure that it is made out of extremely dense metal. Well, with the $79.95 RC Inflatable R2-D2, you can be quite sure that it will live up to its reputation by coming in a lightweight and inflatable body, all without sacrificing on its maneuverability as a genuine astromech droid.

In order to inflate this variant of R2-D2, we are sad to say that it is not smart enough to do so itself, but rather, you will have to manually perform the inflation process using the included foot pump. When fully inflated, the R2-D2 would stand at an impressive 26″ in height, sporting drive units underneath which will allow him to perform zippy 360-degree spins, full forward, back, and turning. Thanks to its inflatable body, it will come with an extremely low center of gravity, letting him remain upright even when descending down the stairs. R2-D2 is also able to right himself should he tip, whenever he attempts a flip off a ramp. Sporting a 25-foot range, both he and the remote are powered by one 9-volt and a quartet of AA batteries.