The Music Modem will smack you in the face with nostalgia


Music Modem

There were a series of delightful sounds that our computers used to make when they had to connect to dial-up. While it would take some time to decipher it into the English language (“Skreeeeeeeech-bee-duummmmm.”), just about anyone can hear it and know what it is. For some, this was a nightmarish experience, and was something to avoid having to listen to at all costs.

On the other hand, there are those who saw this as a musical delight. Such perplexing tones and pitches could likely make some beautiful music, and with the Music Modem, you’ll be able to experiment. This is a synth instrument that will allow you to use these ancient sounds as part of your tunes. There are three modes, which consist of classic modem, newer modem, or music sound bank. The first two of these options will give you 8 different modem sounds that have a various ‘note’.

The other will give you 5 sets of tones that are in a standard 8-note scale. There is a AUX in and out, an on and off switch, and it only needs 3 AA batteries to function. While I don’t think that $30 is too high of an asking price for this ‘instrument’, I will say that you likely won’t want to buy it unless you want to use it for music or just to annoy people. It certainly is a novelty item, and would likely end up being another dust collector on the shelf after a week.

Available for purchase on ThinkGeek

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