LG announces new All In One Chromebase Computer


chromebaseLG’s current foray into the Android device market happens to be limited to just smartphones, phablets and tablets, but it seems that they are also taking off in a different tangent with Google’s Chrome operating system through the introduction of the all-in-one Chromebase computer. The Chromebase is a computer that will run on the Google Chrome operating system, where it will also be showcased at CES 2014 which is set to happen sometime next month. The LG Chromebase will bear the model number 22CV241, where it will offer the highly efficient Chrome operating system for a fast, simple, secure and affordable computing experience.

Apart from that, the Chromebase would feature a 21.5” widescreen Full HD IPS display that ought to pack in its fair share of pixels, so much so that your eyes will be able to appreciate all that you see there. The entire physical form factor of the LG Chromebase, too, will be pleasing to the eye, and it would not look out of place be it in your living room, in a bedroom, or over on an office desk.

Apart from that, the LG Chromebase can be the gateway to thousands of web apps in the Chrome Web Store, where majority of them will be able to function well offline in the same manner as they do online. Basically, this is an email writing machine, and will also work great for word processing tasks as well as simple spreadsheet crunching. Not only that, it will also have seamless functionality with other Google products including the likes of Gmail, Drive, Search, Maps, YouTube, Play and Google+ Hangouts.

Security wise, do expect integrated robust security, where it will make use of different layers of protection in order to keep users’ information safe and sound. Running on an Intel Celeron processor, the Chromebase will have 2GB RAM and a 16GB SSD underneath the hood. Pricing details remain to be determined as at press time.

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