HoneyDru USB Car Power Adapter oozes with cuteness


honeydruHaving anything that is “cute” does seem to work these days, and considering how many of us carry a fair number of gadgets, it can be quite a task trying to make sure that all of them are fully juiced at the beginning of each day. Having said that, having a car charger in your ride is not too bad an idea after all, since you can never quite tell just when you might need to fall upon some backup power on the way to your meeting, with your smartphone running on empty. Why not get something cute while you are at it? The $19.99 HoneyDru USB Car Power Adapter will certainly not disappoint, where this small, bee-shaped car power adapter will come with light-up eyes and wings for added “coolness” effect, especially during the evenings.

Good thing nobody should be allergic to this bee-like USB car power adapter, as it does not sting at all, and the only thing it does well would be to power up those thirsty batteries in your well used gadgets. The HoneyDru USB Car Power Adapter would be plugged into most vehicles’ power outlet/cigarette lighter, and it is capable of 5V/2A output, which should be more than some of the native chargers which accompany your devices. Apart from that, it will also feature a coiled cord which can be stretched to 3 feet and retracts to 8 inches for adaptability and flexibility.

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