Timeless Box is as close as we come to a TARDIS

Timeless Box
There’s one thing we keep hoping to escape from, but also can’t seem to get enough of. Time is an ever-present part of our lives, and each of us have an expiration date (whether we like it or not). In the time we have here, we love, lose, create, and destroy. Above all, we affect every person we come into contact with. Sometimes, we even become a close part of another person’s life.

If you want to use time as an ally to strengthen your relationship to a loved one, then the Timeless Box is certainly a good way of doing just that. This is essentially a time capsule that you leave on the kitchen counter. You can put in a letter, a present, or whatever you find suitable to leave for someone else to discover at a later date. There are only three buttons, two of which are located inside to set the days.

It comes in a brushed aluminum box, and will open itself whenever the counter gets down to zero. This will cost you somewhere around $110, and is meant to be an emotional experience. You can get it for your friends, family, or for your future self. Time goes by so quickly, that little reminders like this are nice to have around. This is a crowdfunding campaign, but looks like it would be worth it to be a part of.

Available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo