Luminescent Moon Clock offers a romantic way to tell the time


moonclockHave you ever gone to the great outdoors, where there is no light pollution at all to spoil the view of the night sky, allowing you to check out plenty of stars along the way? Of course, during a full moon, the entire orchestra of the cosmos looks even more stunning, and it surely brings a sense of awe and wonder to the world. If you were sitting out in the open field with your loved one, it is definitely worth snapping a photo of that romantic moment. However, with our current hectic lifestyles, finding a break is getting more and more difficult, so why not bring the moon to your room with the $49.95 Luminescent Moon Clock?

As the name of this timepiece suggests, this wall clock will glow in the night, sporting the face of the full moon. It will rely on the most recent glow-in-the-dark technology, allowing it to absorb enough energy during daylight hours so that it ends up giving out a soft, ethereal light in a darkened room for up to 4 hours each night. The lunar image itself has been printed to the back of the flat glass face so that there is no possibility of scratching happening. You will also be able to check out the broad impact basin of Mare Imbrium in the vicinity of 12-o’clock, the Sea of Tranquility at 3-o’clock, and the Tycho crater at 7-o’clock. Of course, for easier viewing of the time, even the clock’s hands will glow in the dark.

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