The KeyPal Pro will be your all-in-one smartphone accessory


Keypal Pro
It seems like we find more and more accessories for our gadgets that make what were already simple tasks even easier. Taking photos of decent quality at a moment’s notice was made all too easy with the integration of cameras into mobile phones, but we want to set up shots, so we get something that will let us control the shutter from afar. There are a variety of ring tones and alert systems in place to let us know we have incoming messages, but smart watches still came into being (they’re more than an alert system, but still).

It’s not a bad thing to want to streamline these processes, but there’s no reason to buy tons of different items when you can get one product that has multiple functions. The KeyPal Pro is a remote control for your phone that will make using a smartphone even easier than it already is. It’s a key fob that you can control through various apps, and is small enough to be able to go anywhere you do. It has three buttons which look like they are meant to control music. From here you’ll be able to control your camera, music player, or even record audio.

Attaching these to your keys or wallet will also enable you to open an app and find these items should you lose them. More apps are in the works, but this is a pretty good starting place. There is a $60 price tag attached to this, but it seems like a decent enough buy.

Available for purchase on Fancy, found via redferret

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