Kero Nomad makes sure your lifeline doesn’t lose power


While there are now many devices which we want to keep on our person at all times, making sure they are charged and at the ready can be tricky. Misplaced cables are often the culprit, but even if we do have them, they easily become tangled in a configuration of knots that we never even knew were possible. If you don’t need a long cable to charge up your phone or gizmo, then you might want to look at more portable options.

The Kero Nomad is made for people who are constantly on the move. On the outside, it looks like a very awkward keychain, but hiding beneath the cap is a USB to Micro USB or lightning connector which will give your gear the power it needs to keep going. It’s a simple design, and would be one of those items you forget about until you need it.

Of course, the lightning connector is priced higher at $20 rather than its $10 Micro USB counterpart. You’ll be able to choose between white and blue for the casing, but neither are likely going to look clean after being attached to your keys for a week. The cable is about three inches long, and is perfect in a pinch (assuming you have the power source to plug it in to). The only thing I would worry about is the cap losing its grip over time and dropping this cable without your knowledge.

Available for purchase on ThinkGeek

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Curtis Calvin Says: May 2, 2014 at 4:38 am

A device similar to this one can be purchased at eBay much cheaper.

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