Korus V400 – Big Sound, Without the Big Pricetag



You already know that Korus makes one spectacular speaker. The stand alone, portable unit, the V600 kicks the competition handily, with a fabulous wireless connection that allows no lag time, popping or dropping, and has an amazing sound, with full cordless portability, letting you bring your soundtrack to every picnic, tailgate or day at the beach, but what you might not know is Korus also has a smaller sibling, meant to amp up your existing Korus music system, or as a fantastic stand alone option for smaller spaces.

While the V400 does require an electrical outlet, it is much smaller, and lighter than its big brother, allowing for placement in a bedroom, or on a kitchen counter. With the same plug and play functionality as the V600, this little guy manages to deliver big, big sound, and when used together with the big Kahuna, you need to just step back and let the dance party begin.

Korus’ patented SKAA audio technology transmits its signal through either a 30-pin, lightening or USB baton and delivers incredible clarity over greater distances than your old-school Bluetooth. Check to the video here. Having a party? Korus even lets you share your tunes in seconds, you just need to pass your Korus Baton to your friend, and presto! they can be streaming their playlist to one speaker or up to four, simultaneously.

So if you’re looking to grab your first Korus, or you have a small space you want to fill with sound, or you simply want to add on to your killer Korus system, you won’t be disappointed with the V400. Check it out at korussound.com for under 350 bucks, and yes… If you act fast, you can still get one in time for Christmas!

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