TARDIS Night Light Limited-Edition Chrome Version adds a dash of Dr Who to your home


tardis-chromeNot all night lights are created equal as you can tell with what you see above – the $19.99 TARDIS Night Light, which is not any normal night light. This is a limited edition chrome version to boot, so you know for sure that it will be a whole lot more special than any other night light out there in the market, even more so if you happen to be a Dr Who fan. Heck, your imagination might even point out to you that this light is useful to discourage any incoming nocturnal Dalek attacks, although in reality, it would help you find your way around the house after a night out with the boys at the local watering hole.

The TARDIS Night Light would be able to plug into any standard outlet, where it will then shine from both the windows as well as top in order to deliver an adequate amount of illumination for late night bathroom trips. It will also be an officially licensed 50th anniversary Doctor Who merchandise, so you can brag about it to anyone who drops by your home and sees it as an interesting device, what more, a conversation starter.

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