evoMouse the virtual mouse

evomouseMost of the mice that we have talked about over here on Coolest Gadgets tend to lean more towards the gaming segment, but this time around, it would be the ordinary working man who might end up with something better – that is, the $79.99 evoMouse. This is a virtual mouse which will (theoretically speaking, of course) respond to your hand motions, and it will play nice with a slew of modern day computing devices such as Macs, iPhones, iPads, Windows, and Android-powered electronics.

As usual, the evoMouse will live up to its technologically advanced namesake, meaning it will be able to support wireless connectivity via Bluetooth, but just in case you happen to be using it alongside a device that has no Bluetooth connectivity, fret not, there is also an included USB cable to get you started. The evoMouse will work via IR, where just about any flat and smooth surface would end up as a touchpad after turning it on. Your fingers will be able to perform a variety of motions, including clicking, dragging, scrolling, and even to right click. Sounds like magic? That’s what we thought at first, but it is just plain old electronic wizardry at work here.