DIY Nixie Tube Chess Set illuminates the mind as you play


diy-nixieA game of chess can be boring or exciting, depending on who is controlling the chess board and the opponent’s wiles and strategy. The thing is, most of the traditional chess boards that we have seen happen to remain pretty much the same without much change over the years. Thinkgeek thinks that in order to match the upcoming holiday season, why not do something slightly different by lighting things up? This is where the $399.99 DIY Nixie Tube Chess Set comes in.

The DIY Nixie Tube Chess Set is basically a do-it-yourself project that relies on old school technology, pretty much summing up just how old the game of chess is in the first place. Each purchase would come with 32 Nixie tubes that require your handiwork to transform them into chess pieces. The chess pieces themselves will light up via induction, and make sure you’re pretty good at soldering since plenty of that needs to be done with a steady hand before the DIY Nixie Tube Chess Set can be played.

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