Democracy unveils first revolving wireless Bluetooth portable speaker


democracyNot all speakers are created equal, as the folks over at Democracy will be able to tell you that. In fact, their new portable speaker can be considered to be a world’s first, being a revolving wireless Bluetooth device that allows you to angle the speaker exactly to where you want it, making it useful in situations where you are unable to have it positioned right in front of you. This unique form factor is made possible thanks to the proprietary Revolving Axis System, which happens to be a three-way pivoting mechanism that has been constructed right into the enclosure itself. This paves the way for the speaker to be directed at 3 different angles, and all that is required of you would be a twist of the wrist for optimal speaker placement and maximum sound dispersion.

Apart from that, the Democracy Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker will be able to free you from the limitations of the standard music listening experience. Courtesy of technological advancements, the speaker is also highly portable, where it allows you to tote it around with you without missing a beat. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, you are more or less assured of seamless streaming of your music with compatible devices. It will feature a best-in-class lithium ion battery that is touted to deliver up to 8 hours of music enjoyment with each full charge, while the SmartLED Power Indicator would let you know exactly just how much juice there is left, and whether a recharge is required.

The speaker itself will offer high-fidelity audio with clear room-filling sound and minimum distortion, thanks to its CSR and NeoMAG Technology that happen to be working together, ensuring that one enjoys pure, unadulterated sound replication. There is also the integrated SharpMic which delivers crystal clear sound transfer for hands free conference calls whenever the situation calls for it. It sounds like a winner, yes?

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