Nordic Grip Mini – brace yourselves, black ice is coming


nordic Grip mini
We all like to look our best when we go out into the world. In the winter time, safety should normally win out over our ideal attire. However, many of us are either too vain or too unwilling to carry around a pair of boots all day. If all you want is a little extra hold on the ice while you’re walking, fear not, for there are other options.

The Nordic Grip Mini will let you strut your stuff while only minimally changing what you’re wearing. These are little shoe covers that have cleats on the bottom. No longer will you fear traversing over black ice on a super market parking lot. While these may give you a little more grip on the ground, they’re not going to work miracles. If you wear four inch heels or shoes without any form of traction, then you still have a pretty good chance of falling.

These are meant for shorter walks, which is why these only cost around $12. You really can’t ask for much more than that if it’s only going to help you in a few situations. Sad to say, but snow boots will almost always win out. These are made of a thermoplastic elastomer which come in sizes ranging from 34-41, and can be purchased in pink, black, blue, brown, and orange. They come with a carrying case, which is almost necessary if you don’t want to put these wet things back into your bag when you’re done using them.

Available for purchase on Unikia

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