Ion Party Rocker – a Disco in a Box


I go crazy when it comes to the holidays. I go nuts with the decorating and cooking, but the most fun I have is setting the stage for Christmas morning. I like a little “wow-factor” happening in the living room. So I usually plan for a gift or two for my kiddo that will make a lasting impression.

This year I’m going with ION’s Party Rocker, a quick way to create an instant dance club, this nifty speaker with an integrated light show, should provide just the festive atmosphere I’m looking for, to impress my daughter on the big day. I just have to make sure I’m awake before she is!

This professional looking speaker box has a built in light system that will pulse with the beat, or just give off a dazzling show (with or without the music) while the 50 watt speaker can get the room thumping in no time, and with The Party Rockers wireless capability, you can control the tunes with your iDevice, or other Bluetooth device, without ever missing a beat, or simply connect it to your CD player.

So I’m imagining coming downstairs to a vision of swirling colored lights, with a little holiday music playing in the background, and if you are looking for a unique gift for a little dance fiend, check out The Party Rocker (with microphone included) at¬†for around 180 bucks.