Blazing Skull Bicycle Tail Light sports lane markers for added safety


skull-cycleGetting around on a bicycle might be fun as well as healthy for most of us out there, but do bear in mind that one would also need to take the necessary precautions in order to be safe. Other than having reflector strips on your helmet and also vest, perhaps it would also be prudent to invest in the $24.99 Blazing Skull Bicycle Tail Light that will arrive with laser cannon lane markers which are sure to add another dimension of safety whenever you get up and about on two wheels.

The Blazing Skull Bicycle Tail Light happens to be a bicycle tail light that was specially devised for added safety, where it comes with 5 lighting options and a pair of laser cannon lane markers. Laser cannons here do not mean that you will be able to obliterate all that lies before you, but basically, it will be able to project a pair of red lines that measure 6 feet long each onto the road, on either side of the bicycle so that you have your very own “bicycle lane” wherever you go, not to mention announcing your presence to people around you.

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