GCW-ZERO, the open source gaming console

gcw-zeroPortable gaming consoles remain within the domain of Nintendo and Sony, with their Nintendo 3DS as well as PS Vita, respectively, but their territory have been encroached upon by other forms of mobile gaming, no thanks to the huge popularity of tablets as well as smartphones. Well, here is another player that intends to bite off a chunk of this lucrative market – the $149.99 GCW-ZERO, which happens to be an open source gaming console. With the GCW-ZERO, you know for sure that you have something good going on here, especially when it has been built by gamers for gamers.

Specially designed with open source games in mind, it will be able to handle a plethora of games that used to run on the NES, SNES, GBA, Sega, PlayStation, PC and plenty more, being basically too many to mention. Powered by Linux, it already comes with a slew of open source software that is ready to rock and roll. Alternatively, you can also opt to change the operating system if you so desire. As for the hardware specifications, you might be pleased to hear that there will not be any pesky thumbs blocking your view, since it comes with a responsive D-pad, an analog nub, two shoulder buttons and tilt controls. Underneath the hood, a 1GHz processor accompanied by 512MB RAM gets the job done, while its 16GB of internal memory can be augmented by another microSD card to hit an additional 64GB.