Autographer lets you go snap happy


autographerWe have become a society that is interested in what’s going on in other peoples’ lives, thanks to the advancements made in technology as well as the social networking bug that has bitten just about everyone. Well, when you have a tool which will further the end of spontaneous photography, why not? Enter the £299.99 Autographer which will arrive with a 136° eye view lens that is guaranteed to make sure that everyone will be able to cram into the photo.

The Autographer will be equipped with 5 on board smart sensors, where you can choose from whenever you are snap happy. Touted to be a revolutionary new kind of camera, the Autographer has been specially constructed to deliver spontaneous and hands-free image capture moments. Arriving in an ultra-compact, stylish, discreet and light form factor, you might not even notice that the Autographer is there in the first place, as you clip it to your jacket, hang it around your neck or place it on the table at a party. The battery is good to go for 24 hours on a full charge, and the control panel allows you to select on whether to dial up the rate of image capture or not.

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