Rapoo 7100P wireless optical mouse introduced

rapoo-7100pI remember the earlier days when an optical mouse proved to be a great time saver which is convenient to use, as you do not have to consistently clean up after the trackball inside from dirt, grime and other dust bunnies. The drawback back then was, optical mice will most probably require a mousepad, and does not work fine at all on smoother, reflective surfaces. Well, I am glad to say that technology has changed a whole lot in the past few years, and while nobody makes the traditional mouse with a trackball inside anymore, the kind of optical technology used have also progressed to a certain degree so much so that optical mice would work on pretty much all surfaces without missing a beat. Rapoo’s latest attempt in this area would be the Rapoo 7100P wireless optical mouse.

The Rapoo7100P happens to be a 5GHz wireless optical mouse which will result in a smoother user experience whenever you are working on a laptop or desktop. Of course, your hand will be wrapped around a sleek package to experience a comfortable grip and supreme usability. What advantage is there when it comes to incorporating 5GHz wireless connectivity? It is different from the standard 2.4GHz because of its impenetrability, and the signals on it are not easily obstructed by furniture as well as other objects. Not only that, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi will not interfere easily with the 7100P, ensuring that you end up with a dependable, steady connection at all times.

You will find that the Rapoo 7100P will feature four-way scrolling: up, down or side to side. Such movement paves the way for you to accurately and consistently control the mouse as you go through documents or browse the web. The scroll wheel itself will boast of a rubberized texture for easy gripping and precision use. Apart from that, the Rapoo 7100P will feature a pair ofprogrammable buttons on the left side of the mouse, while there is also the “invisible” optical engine within the mouse that ensures no light is emitted when in use. You can pick it up for $24.99 a pop in black, red, green or gray colors.

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