Mattel’s Keepsake Box – Keeps Treasures Hidden



I remember being a kid and having a little wooden cigar box in which to keep all my treasures. I would have given anything if that little box could have locked. There was something magical about being able to keep your secrets safe. I still have a little memento box, and I think they could be cute gifts for any little girl.

Check out the Girl Tech Keepsake Box, a modern spin on a centuries old tradition, this box happens to be the ultimate password-protected keepsake box for all of a girl’s private things. Once you set up, and lock this cute little pink box, it will only open to its owners voice and only if the secret password is spoken, can it be opened to reveal her treasures.

The Keepsake box comes with special digital memory tagging stickers and matching keys to help her “catalog” some of her special trinkets,ensuring she will never forget the stories behind each item. Adding to the excitement, she will find hidden within the box,  an extra secret compartment for top secret, or special items that will require a second password in order to open.

So if you have a little girl, who might enjoy a remembrance box with some added security against pesky brothers, or little sisters. This might be the perfect gift. It’s available on for under 35 bucks batteries not included, and if you still need help figuring out your Christmas lists, don’t forget to check out our gift guides.

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