Lockpick Earrings make sure forgetting your keys isn’t a problem


Lockpick Earrings
We’ve all done it at least once. The keys are on the counter, in a drawer, fell out of your bag, or worse, are locked in your car. Unless you have a roadside assistance service at your fingertips, you’re going to have to call a professional. Let me tell you that’s no cheap endeavor either. Not to mention you get to deal with the shame of having to call someone to bail you out of a bad situation because you forgot an essential item.

While you likely aren’t carrying a lock pick around in your pocket, there is a way to have a kit on you. It comes in the form of earrings, and they are both elegant and useful. They have intricate patterns and at first might look like pretty, dangly pieces of jewelry, but they are much more. Owning this pair of Lockpick Earrings will give you access to a small hook pick, a small half diamond pick, a single ball rake, a C-rake, an S-rake, and a tension wrench.

The picks are a “.02 stainless steel, which means they are lightweight, but still strong enough to get the job done. They are held onto the earring with silver-plated jump rings that will allow you to piece apart the set when you need it. Don’t worry, these can be worn every day, and won’t snap on their first use. They’ll cost you $35, which isn’t bad for a nice set of earrings, especially when they have a special function. Try to make sure you use this power for good and not evil though, yea?

Available for purchase on Etsy, found via OhGizmo

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