LG G Flex kicks off a global rollout

lg-g-flexAre all smartphones created equal? That is a question that is certainly worth answering, and when it comes to the LG G Flex, you know for sure that you are staring down at something extra special. In fact, the LG G Flex has been boasted to be the first curved, flexing and self-healing smartphone in the world, which are definitely claims that would be rather difficult to live up to for other smartphone manufacturers, don’t you think so? If you have been hankering after the LG G Flex for the longest time but happen to reside outside of South Korea, fret not – this smartphone will be made available to the masses for the first time worldwide.

Expect the LG G Flex to address the global market by kicking off its release in Singapore and Hong Kong first, which makes perfect sense. Both of those countries come with extremely mature markets, not to mention folks who find it easy to spend plenty of dough at one time on a smartphone. Other key markets in Asia will also carry an availability announcement soon, where it ought to hit the respective markets before the year is over, prior to other regions.

When the LG G Flex was first introduced, it did its job in captivating early adopters everywhere, as this happened to be the first smartphone that has been curved to follow the contour of the human face. Of course, such a task was made possible thanks to the implementation of the world’s first curved smartphone battery. Not only that, it is also equipped with a durable plastic OLED (P-OLED) HD display, alongside a back that would have its very own healing factor. Yes sir, the LG G Flex will boast of a self-healing back cover which will make sure that those pesky day-to-day scratches are a thing of the past, making it look as pristine as possible. I do wonder how it will fare in a pocket full of keys and coins, though.

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