Dream Arcades offer their Cabaret Dreamcade 2.0 Cabinets


cabaret-dreamcade2-cabinetWhen you were a kid, what did you tell yourself you will buy when you grow up and be a millionaire? Of course, a million dollars back in the days when you were a kid would go a whole lot farther compared to today, no thanks to inflation eating into the actual value of that amount of cash. Well, you might not be a millionaire right now, but this does not mean that you are unable to treat yourself to a little bit of luxury like the $1,899.99 Cabaret Dreamcade 2.0 Cabinet from Dream Arcades.

The Cabaret Dreamcade 2.0 Cabinet would be able to let you live out your dream of having your very own arcade cabinet right there in the middle of the living room. Of course, if you live alone, it would be a no-brainer of a purchase, but when you share your living space with someone else, it might require a little bit of negotiating beforehand. Still, if successful, you will end up with an arcade cabinet that would offer plenty of games to kill time with – we are looking at a total of 188 titles, where 46 of them happen to be ThinkGeek exclusives. There is also the option to add in your own games if 188 isn’t enough, as your eyes feast on the 19″ arcade monitor with tempered glass. Each arcade cabinet will feature a pair of joysticks with a full 6-button layout, a built-in 2.25 inch trackball, lighted utility buttons and a lighted marquee.

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