Bluetooth Click Clock offers an alternative way to tell the time


bluetooth-click-clockWhat is it about Bluetooth technology that you love the most? Of course, walking around being connected to a particular device without any pesky wires getting in the way is always a more than welcome thing to own, but what are some of the more interesting Bluetooth devices that you have seen in the past? The £99.99 Bluetooth Click Clock is worth checking out, where if you were to place a pre-order today, it will arrive in a week’s time, which would leave you plenty of time to wrap it as a present for someone close to you.

The Bluetooth Click Clock will offer you both time and date at a single click of your fingers, where it will be able to wirelessly blast out your favorite tunes. Not only that, just like any decent clock that serves to tell the exact time at a glance, as well as be a tool to help you wake up after a good night’s rest, this one too, will feature an alarm clock with snooze function. Apart from that, it also boasts of an integrated microphone so that you will be able to enjoy hands-free calls directly from the comfort of your bed. The 6 watts of stereo output from 2 high fidelity audio drivers and passive subwoofers will tickle your ears in the right direction, and with a 100 years calendar, it should outlast you as well as your next generation.

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