The Selfie – Hot New Phone Accessory


Oh, you’ve done it, and you know who you are. Out with friends, down at the beach, at your friendly neighborhood bar. You’ve pursed your lips, or stuck out your tongue while holding your iPhone at arms length  and snapped a picture of  yourself. Yup, the selfie… a powerful enough phenomenon to be named Oxford Dictionaries’ word for the year.

The tradition started almost a decade ago, and it hasn’t changed much, until now. Welcome The Selfie, a brand new gadget that brings your amateur self portraits to a whole new level. Forget about trying to stretch your arm like a rubber band in order to fit everyone in, or awkward overhead arm placements, bad focus or weird cropping, The Selfie is an iDevice shutter trigger attached to a 4 and a half foot cord that lets you place your phone in almost any position to get the shot you really wanted!

Simple to use, you just take the cable and plug it into your headphone jack, open up camera mode, put on your best duck lips and snap your photo, or even a video, and then post them to any (or all) of your favorite social media sites. No software, no learning curve, no installation… just fun.

So if you’re looking for the perfect little stocking stuffer for your Selfie-obsessed best friend, kid, office mate, or teacher, look no further. My daughter loves it! Find yours in one of five different colors, for under 20 bucks, at