Hallmark’s Text Bands – Shake Hands, Send a Message


It’s no secret that kids these days love their technology. It’s not unusual to find kids glued to their phones or computers. There aren’t to many little gizmos out there that actually encourage kids to connect and interact with their buddies, especially younger kids. It would be nice to have a little gadget gift for the elementary school set.

Well, here it is, check out Hallmark’s Text Bands, cute little watch-like bands that help your little ones swap messages, words, or secrets, and inside jokes by wearing one of these fashionable bands and then bumping fists, shaking hands, high-fiving, or a half a dozen other ways we haven’t even thought of.

Simply choose a starter band, that comes equipped with a text module, and that’s where the fun begins. When your kids see other kids wearing a Text Band, they can instantly transfer their messages from band to band. Bands themselves can also be changed and traded, with many colors and themes available.

Set up is easy, simply enter up to 10 characters into the screen on the band , and swap them with a fist bump or hand shake. The bands light up as the message transfers from band to band and your Text Band holds up to 24 messages at a time, giving kids the perfect excuse to connect with their friends again and again. A great stocking stuffer, for under 10 bucks, at amazon.com.