Warming Backrest chases away the winter cold


heated-backrestWhat happens when winter falls upon us? There is the quick reaction to make sure that we are well prepared to face all of the bitter cold as the mercury plunges. Of course, heating yourself up would mean wearing plenty of layers, or alternatively, wear light clothing but crank up the heater which will definitely eat into your power bills in the long run. How about something that is more cost effective without taking up too much space in your home? This is where the $79.95 Warming Backrest comes in, as this particular warming pad will be able to secure itself to just about any chair back, letting you relax and soothe your muscles from the shoulders all the way down to your hips.

It will offer almost half a dozen times the surface area of traditional heating pads, where this oversize pad is capable of warming you up and easing the amount of pain in the entire back simultaneously. In fact, the Warming Backrest will drape itself over the back of any chair, where it will remain in place thanks to a flexible neoprene strap. Alternatively, you can also roll it into a log so that it can support and target the lumbar region. The pad itself comes with four different heat settings, accompanied by a convenient tethered controller, and a two-hour auto shut-off mechanism for added safety and peace of mind.

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