PanoPal Smartphone Stand will help you get the perfect panoramic shot


Thanks to the fairly decent quality of camera that most smartphones possess, there are millions of photos and videos cropping up daily on various social media sites. Many of these are shot on the fly, without little care to the full quality of the photo. Just because you can slap an Instagram filter on it doesn’t mean it’s good. Possibly one of the hardest photos to get on a phone is a panoramic one.

You have to turn at a constant speed, and keep your hand as steady as a rock. Otherwise you’re going to have a very trippy photo that won’t look at all what you had pictured in your mind. The PanoPal Smartphone Stand is for those who take smartphone photography seriously. It’s literally a stand that will rotate your phone for you at just the right speed. No need to worry about shaky hands any longer!

This works best on a flat surface, but can be held if you’re not in a conducive situation. There are four preset speeds choose from, and it can go clockwise or counter clockwise. There is a remote, so those of you who want to set up a photo a bit more can still be in on the action without having to snap the photo yourself. This charges via micro USB, and will hold up for around five hours. The Bluetooth remote will connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth, and can control your music as well as snap photos for you. This will cost you around $45 for both the stand and remote, and you’ll be able to choose between a black, silver, blue and pink casing.

Available for crowdfunding via Kickstarter

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