MuseMini brings the ClipR to introduce NFC and Bluetooth compatibility

museminiHave you heard of MuseMini before? They happen to be the ones behind a slew of wireless audio accessories which will target those who live out the active lifestyle. This time around, MuseMini has announced the availability of the ClipR, which is a device that will enable users to be able to take full control of their wireless lifestyle, where just about anything that has a 3.5mm audio jack can be transformed to feature Bluetooth and NFC connectivity, allowing it to play nice with all of the newer devices that offer such connectivity options, too. I know, it sure as heck sounds like magic, no?

The ClipR has been carefully engineered so that it can produce rich audio sound transmission to just about any audio output. All that the user will need to do is to hook up the corded accessory into the ClipR using the 3.5mm jack, and to pair it to any NFC or Bluetooth compatible device. In fact, you are able to pair up to 6 devices, while the FutureConnect feature enables you to experience music unlike you ever have in the past via a Bluetooth adaptor, and heck, why not opt to hook it up to your home stereo system as well?

The ClipR has been designed to be used in the home, on the road or even when you are outdoors, and it will also come coated with a special rubber polymer which is touted to be tough enough to be used when ripping the slopes or running the trail. Apart from that, it will also be 100 percent splash proof for that added peace of mind. Just how small is it? Being roughly the size of a half dollar, it is tiny and compact enough to be discreetly clipped anywhere so that it will remain unobtrusive. Truly big performance for such a small device. Boasting built-in controls, users are able to control the tracks, volume and phone right from the palm of their hand. You can pick up the ClipR for $39.99, where it will come in black at the moment, although teal, red, army green and mimosa will be part of the color choices by the time the holiday season arrives.

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  1. Clip-r worse product ever. Impossible to connect to Bluetooth . When you finally do the instructions make absolute no sense on how to control volume. DO NOT BUY THIS DEVICE OR WHATEVER IT’s SUPPOSE TO BE!!!!

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